Camunda finding external task at random intervals

Hi, we are using camunda for a relatively small project where camunda is in a docker and invoking microservices external workers to call already built in services.

Sometimes the external worker executes miliseconds and the second or third time takes several minutes (its kind of random) to execute the same worker. The services are not heavy so it seem more a configuration thing.

An example of the workers:

public class DoSomethingWorker implements ExternalTaskHandler {


Also the fact that this is commented by default in the camunda_engine-rest_web.xml should be whats causing it?

Fetch And Lock Handler (long polling): Unique Worker Request (default value: false)


Thanks in advance if this rings a bell.

Hi @Sebastian_Smirloff,

the external task client uses the ExponentialBackStrategy by default, limited to 1 minute: camunda-bpm-platform/ at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-platform · GitHub

Maybe thats the root cause for your observation?

Hope this helps, Ingo