Camunda for Complaint Case Management

I am working on crm system for a bank and one use case is “case management for complaint”. UseCase journey is:

  1. Customer calls the bank support team

  2. Support Team, create a case and Log customer complaint

  3. Then support team assign the case to a department say Tech

  4. Person from department Tech, assign the case to a specific person say “SuperMan”

  5. SuperMan resolve the case and assign back the case to support team

  6. Person from support team verifies the resolution. if the resolution is correct, he email the customer and close the case. Else he assign back to “department Tech” and the process from point 4 kicks in etc…

We decided to build our own website(so will not be using camunda UI). website will call rest endpoint of micro service and the micro service will call camunda rest endpoint to update the process state etc.

When I go with this approach, I don’t see the use of camunda itself.

Can you please suggest what is a good architecture to follow for this particular scenario (if we gotta use camunda)?

Hi @Minisha_M,

the biggest benefit to use Camunda in your scenario is the overall visibility of the process status.

When each complaint is a process, you can use Cockpit to get an overview about the workload (number of processes/tasks) that the people has to deal with.

As the most simple process has just a single user task (handle complaint) you can model a more detailed process with different activities for the people involved. The process can also include a feedback task for customer and go to different end events regarding if they are satisfied with the complaint handling or not.

Hope this helps, Ingo