Camunda form get Objects proprties

Camunda 7:

If I have sent to another process an order-object with function : createMessageCorrelation("sendOrderToPizzeria")

And I wanna accces that objects properties, like:
order.meal, order.soda, order.extras etc for each “key” field int the form. How do I do that so I don’t have to make an input on the user task for each properties as an own variable. I wanna acces the object direct in the field area of the form. Is that possible and how do I do that in that case?

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Disclaimer: I have not used C7 recently. So I might have confused something. Happy to try it out early next week though.

If you have the order object you need to add it to the scope of the process instance as a variable. Camunda. In Camunda you can use event listeners to fetch certain attributes of that object.
Or you can use the Spin Library in your Spring Boot project in order to parse your object to a JSON object.

You can find a usage of the Spin here:

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