Camunda Forms, Date datatype field in camunda 8

Hi team,
I am trying to provide Date type field, in Camunda 8,using Camund form where we link camunda form to the user task.

What are possible ways of makeing an date picker here. Can Someone help me doing this,

Hi @ThanmaiChakka

There is no support for date pickers built-in yet. You could do it using TamperMonkey (but that’s probably not the level of hackery that you are looking for).

Otherwise, see this reply on this post: Forms with modeler - calendar or additional javascript, select options from backend - #2 by christian-konrad


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Hello @ThanmaiChakka , I can confirm that the date picker is one of the next form fields we are working on.
In case you have a customized Tasklist, you could take a look at make fields visible or not depending on the data · camunda-community-hub/extended-form-js@bf76afc · GitHub, this is an example how to write your own date component for form.js.


Thank you for the information and response @jwulf @christian-konrad