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What is the DB Size Should I consider for camunda If I have 200 workflows of each 10 Nodes, and I will initiate 1000 process for each workflow. I Planning to use ms-sql


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@manish_kumar All the nodes will share same database or how will you setup the db for each node?

Hi @aravindhrs,

Sry let me explain clearly, The Question was that what should be my Server capacity (Size,CPU and Ram) if I need to deploy 200 workflows and each will initiate 1000 Instances in a day.

MY Process will have approximately 10 Nodes.

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@manish_kumar I would suggest you to use t2.medium machines, because you are running camunda in 10 machines,so t2.medium machines can effectively handle the load. To distribute the load properly to each machine you need to setup the load balancer.

t2.medium machines, each will have 2cpu, 4gb ram

Starting with t2.medium would be a good. Based on the performance you can scale out.

Hi aravindhrs,

I am not using 10 servers, 10 nodes represents my each workflow will have 10 steps like startevent,script event etc…

@manish_kumar then you can go for m4.xlarge machine which has 4vCPU, 16GB RAM. It would be more sufficient for your process.

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Have a look at the guidelines here in Camunda Best Practices regarding general server and database sizing.