Camunda migration from older version to latest

Hi Team,

We are using camunda community edition version 7.11 and database is MS-SQL for BPMN and DMN both . Now we want to upgrade it to latest version. So what are the steps to do that and how do we migrate the data in database with old schema to the new schema for the newer version of Camunda ?

Thanks in Advance !

You may refer upgrade. For db upgrade you need to execute all db scripts that you can get from the Camunda Nexus for specific version under upgrade folder.
So if your upgrade is to version 16. Go to Nexus → 7.16.0 → download .zip.
In the upgrade folder you’ll find all the db scripts. Now pick all scripts above 7.11 version till 7.16. You need to execute all of them for the upgrade.

Also, you must upgrade the camunda version in your pom and to check your spring version if you are working with springboot.