Camunda Modeler - translation

Is it possible to change default modeler language? Modeler directory contains folder “locales” but I don’t see in documentation or in top menu option to change default (english) language.

Regards, Maciej

I would also like to change the language in the modeler.

How do we use the different locales?

Vh Morten

You cannot localize the modeler at this time and we do not plan to add I18N in the near future.

Tracked via this issue.

I would like to recommend the Camunda Modeler as the standard BPMN tool in our company. It could be a requirement that the tool is available in German. Would be possible to put I18N back on the roadmap if someone would pays for it?

Hi @jze
There is a ready-to-use plugin that can be extended with any language. Here you can find it with instructions.

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