Camunda modular design

I want to manage a huge workflow in Camunda.

I have decided to split this into different processes like Create, Configuration, Review & Confirm. Each of these processes have 10 to 15 tasks. These processes should be executed in sequence.

If I want to design my workflow like this, how will I link each process. What is the proper way for Camunda modular design.

You could use a series of Call Activities which would run each process in order.

You could also end each process with a message end event which would trigger the next one.


I want to design different processes. So as you said if I use call activity, will I be defining each of my processes in different bpmn files? How will it be? Can you give an example?

You can have them in different files or the same file, it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re both deployed to the engine and are available in run time.

You can see an example of how to set this up in the documentation.