Camunda Paraller Gateway

Hi ,
An inclusive gateway based on a list of data, fires any of the three tasks, i.e. Act1 , Act2, Act3. No there can be cases that only one of them has a task created, or two of them or in cases all 3 of them.
Now what I want is that when all(which are created out of 3) the task are complete, then only the workflow goes after other task and for that I used Paraller gateway. But in case only 2 tasks are created , in that case my parallel gateway doesn’t proceed coz it ways for all three tasks but only 2 tasks are created. How do I resolve this. Please help

You want to use the Inclusive Gateway to close your branching operation also.

Start → Inclusive Gateway → Act 1 / Act 2 / Act 3 → Inclusive Gateway → End