Camunda Platform 8.0.15 - skipped

:warning: Camunda Platform 8.0.15 release is skipped

We are sorry to inform you that an issue in the Zeebe 8.0 patch release pipeline lead to corrupted Zeebe 8.0.15 artifacts getting published yesterday on June 7th. We detected this right after and immediately removed these artifacts from Camunda’s Artifactory as well as from Dockerhub. On Maven Central however, these artifacts cannot be removed as by Sonatype’s policy.

Given these circumstances we want to proactively warn you to NOT make use of any Zeebe 8.0.15 artifacts from Maven Central.

Instead we recommend to directly update to Camunda Platform 8.0.16.
Zeebe 8.0.16 is scheduled to be officially released on Tuesday Jun 13th.