Camunda platform Run vs Embedded Engine on EKS

I have a platform design requirement.
I need to enable Camunda BPM engine capability on EKS and we are planning to have it configured using our Customized Camunda Platform Run docker image. We understand the recommendation from Camunda end is as well in the same direction but if it the same can be achieved through customizing embedded engine (without apps) on EKS then how is camunda platform run helping the cause.


@Niall ,Could you please share your insights on the above query ?


Hi @Nandan-Shenoy,

If you have Spring Boot in your mind here, then it is worth to know that Camunda Run is just a preconfigured Spring Boot application.

Depending on your customization requirement and your Java knowledge, it may be easier to spin your own Spring boot app with the camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starters.

If you don’t have any Java knowledge, Camunda Run is the way to go.

Hope this helps, Ingo


@Ingo_Richtsmeier , if we have a team of developers with a knowledge in Java and Springboot, is your recommendation is to go for a springboot application embedded engine instead of Camunda run standalone?
We have an external tomcat deployed camunda engine in production with custom built plugins and delegates. Does moving to camunda run approach put us into any disadvantage instead of just converting the existing application to be managed by springboot container?

@Ingo_Richtsmeier /@Niall,
Could you please share your insights on the above query.

Nandan Shenoy

I think what @Ingo_Richtsmeier suggested is a really good answer.
If you want a lot of control and customization: spring boot & Camunda
If you want a simplified vanilla distro easy to use by people who already know spring boot: Camunda Run