Camunda Plugin Cockpit

Hello everybody,

Sorry for my bad english.

I’m new with Camunda and i have some questions.

My case is to display some custom monitoring tools via Camunda Plugin.

First, i created a project with camunda-archetype-cockpit-plugin but after i don’t how to display it in my cockpit and what to do.

Do you have a simple tutorial because i didn’t understand the tutorial of camunda :

Thank you very much

Hi @Othmen,

the link you used is for version 7.3 and 5? years old.

Try this one:, it references the current version.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Sir, thank you for your answear.

My problem is that i’m new with camunda and all its features. Is there a tutorial to develop a plugin step by step ?
Maybe your link is detailed but there somethings that i don’t understand.

PS : I’m using community version