Camunda Process activity execution

Dear Team,
I am a beginner in Camunda Clustering.
I am going through the documentation and had the below questions in the homogeneous cluster node setup. Can you please help answer these questions?

  1. Is there a way to find on which node the process/process activity is getting executed?
  2. In any of camunda tables the nodeID is maintained? Example ACT_RU_JOB or ACT_RU_EXECUTION tables.
  3. I read in the documentation that process activities of a single process may executed on multiple nodes, but not necessarily on the original node where the process has started. Please confirm if my understanding is correct.
  4. How can we verify the logs generated across multiple nodes in camunda cluster? If there was an error during the execution of any given process activity in a specific node.

Raja Sekhar

Hi @rajasekhar and welcome back.

Let me start with the third point. Every time a process execution enters a wait state a job entry is written to ACT_RU_JOB. Anytime this job is due, it may be picked up by any job executor on any node, that knows how to execute it.
So coming back to the first two questions, you’ll find the information you look for in the history tables. E.g. ACT_HI_JOB_LOG will contain information about the host where the job was executed.
For external tasks ACT_HI_EXT_TASK holds the worker id of the worker that executed the task.
But you can also see some things in the runtime tables. Once a job executor picks up a job, it’ll be written to the column LOCK_OWNER_ of the table ACT_RU_JOB.
Hope this helps you regarding your questions.

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Appreciate for replying very quickly.
Thank you so much @rohwerj , This is very helpful for me.

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