Camunda Process Versioning

I am exploring the camunda functions and I have one Question regarding the Process Versioning.

In my application we will be having frequent releases , So process will be
updated with new tasks mostly every week and Processes which are
running on old instance will not complete that soon . some times it
will take 2 + years.

So its going to be a more version’s will be deploying into production.

I know we can migrate the old processes to new version

But my Question is do camunda has any limit on versioning ?. or it will create any number of version’s automatically?

Hi @Bhagavan_Narayana,

on the database level version is an Integer, so you can have as many versions as fit into int. There is also article about versioning here


Another thing you could look at is breaking your process up into some different “Steps” / Subprocesses that are managed up a parent process. This way if you find you are always making changes to only a few steps, you can update those processes and not have worry about the migrations because the steps would already be completed (for the most part).

Could make your life easier

It’s also very easy to migrate process instances from one version to another from cockpit. You can read about the cockpit feature here or how the API works here

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