Camunda:Process versioning

When i try to change something inside my camunda project and i got errors ( when form is loading or on anything else) it can affect all the tasks which were created after and before this error happend is there any way to get rid of this situation , i mean can i use bpmn versioning( to be able to run different process on each task start?) or is there any difference way to manage this process? i have read this article ( but i need to know if somehow i can generate new process every time i try start new task.

Hi Sally,

I’m sorry but it’s not clear for me what you try to achieve.

Why do you want to generate a new process when you start a new task?
What kind of errors do you mean? (technical error, business failure, …)
What do you change? (BPMN processes, classes, …)

Best regards,

I mean if embedded form isn’t loaded in one process it is failed in previous one too