Camunda Rest API Authorization issue

Hi Guys,

I am facing authorization issue while executing the cliam / complete the task from Camunda Rest API.

Scenarios are given below,

I have created two groups (G1 and G2) and associated with two users (U1 and U2). G1 linked with U1 and G2 linked with U2. G1 and U1 having the Read Only permission, G2 and U2 having the Update permissions.

U1 is able to view but not able to claim the task. U2 can able to view and cliam, complete the task vis Camunda Web Admin.

But same senario is failing while perform via Camunda Rest API, U1 and U2 both can able to claim and complete the task, which is not accepted scenario.

Note:- I have enabled the authorization in Application.yml file.

Kindly let me know if I missed anything. Thanks for you help in advance.

Thanks & Regards,
Prakash R.

Are you sure that the rest API correctly recognizes the user?

In Camunda Web Admin page, it’s properly recognize the the user. but in Rest API is not recognize properly. Am I missed any config settings?

Even if I am not passing any user details in basic authentication section, still I can able to claim / complete the task.

Did you turn Authentication on?

Yes, I have enabed the authentication in web.xml. Also enabled the authorization in application.yml

After enabled authentication and authorization in config. Authorization is working fine in Camunda Web Admin (but not working with Camunda Rest API while Claim / complete the task)

even Authentication is not working in Camunda Rest API. Kindly let me know if I misses any.


This issue resolved now, after enabled the configuration. I have restered the server. so It’s working fine now.

Thanks & Regards,
Prakash R.