Camunda Spring Boot versioning

Hi guys,
I need of your support in order to understand How camunda manages the process application versioning.

My scenario is the follow:

  • I have created a custom process application with my bpmn file.
  • My Camunda Spring Boot import the process application. When it is started, Camunda deploy the process application. It works successfully.
  • I have 2 virtual machines that start the application but every time that I restart one of virtual machine, on Camunda created a new process definition version but the bpmn file never changed. Why?

My processes.xml

My Process Application Starter is

public class ProcessApplicationStarter {

	private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ProcessApplicationStarter.class);

	private void processPostDeploy(PostDeployEvent event) {"ProcessApplicationStarter Customer");


Could you please help me?