Camunda Spring Deployment. How to change the processes.xml file name

Here is the code for my SpringBootApplication

@ProcessApplication(deploymentDescriptors = {"META-INF/processes-dev.xml"})
public class CamundaBpmApplication {

	public static void main(String[] args) {, args);

My goal is to change the name of the deployment file, but @ProcessApplication annotation is ignored.
On startup I get:

ENGINE-08026 No processes.xml file found in process application 'camundaBpmApplication'

Hi @sakandrei
I might be wrong but it could be that @EnableProcessApplication annotation is the issue here.
From the documentation uses the required META-INF/processes.xml as an indicator for resource scanning

I need to have 2 or more (for different environments) files describing the deployment

If I remove @EnableProcessApplication, then at startup all processes from the classpath are deployed (SpringAutoDeployment)