Camunda statistics best practice

Hello Everyone,
i have many camunda workflows in one system, and i need to get statistics for example:

  • task count per user
  • tasks in progress per workflow
  • tasks rejected per user or per workflow

is there a best practice for doing this ?

thank you everyone

The easiest way would be to use optimize. but if you don’t use Optimize you can query the history data. Either via the REST API or you could move the data from Camunda’s history tables to a reporting tool of some kind.

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Hi @ismael_adra , which task type are you looking for? User tasks, or also others?


Hello , i’m looking only for User Tasks for now

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Thanks @ismael_adra. We are currently extending our APIs to do so.

As Niall mentioned, you can use the Optimize UI to create reports, and to get the data via API, we are extending the endpoints to powerful queries and a way to receive the result count per query (like “number of tasks a user completed last week”).

Would that help?