Camunda Tasklist

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The details which camunda tasklist shows of any specific task does not appear in ‘ACT_RU_TASK’ in database,
Is it that the UI(Camunda Tasklist) shows the accumulated information of any specific task which is not present in single table rather distributed in several,
If yes, How should i track the full data displayed of a specific task?

Shohil Sethia

Hi Shohil Sethia,

the Tasklist uses the REST-API to retrieve data about the task it is displaying. The majority of this data is retrieved by the Get Single Task endpoint. Depending on the tab the user selects, additional data like the embedded form or the process diagram is loaded.


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Thanking @sebastian.stamm
hi there,
what i understood from that is it stores every field like “creditor” etc as variable and therefore stores in ACT_RU_VARIABLE to give it a loosely coupled touch and therefore increasing quality of the Database Schema by maintaining the Foreign key as TASK_ID_ or PROC_INST_ID or EXECUTION_ID_.
This helps it fetch other details of the task via REST API or via h2 query.

Shohil Sethia