Camunda Team not helping issues

Hi Camunda,

I was facing issues with Serivce Task. I have posted my questions but you are not giving proper support for issues.

I was facing issues with Service task ( SOAP and REST) sample code which you have given not working properly.

when i ask questions no response. Now i am thinking to move for JBPM.

@murugesan_munusamy this forum is a free offering solutions/discussion forum. You have to wait for until someone responds.

Hope you understand :slight_smile:

Meanwhile you can refer camunda documentation which will provide you a more insights.

In service task, you can write your own rest api using OkhttpClient or RestTemplate.

Creating same topic.

And moreover, don’t tag to posts to Announcements, unless if necessary. Because this tag is meant for newer version/community extension releases.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Awww - i thought we had something special when i helped you with your database questions :slight_smile:

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Hi Niall,

I have to work with Sybase DB before that I have to resolve Service task issues. i was facing issues in parsing with parsing output.

Fascinating…:roll_eyes: but if you think i’m going to waste any more time helping someone so ungrateful you’ve misunderstood how this forum works.


Hi Niall,

I like this forum support but I have some thing critical which i have posted but not get solution for that based on that analyse only we are going to buy this product.


Hi Muru,

For questions in a pre-sales situation, I recommend contacting a Camunda sales representative who can help you get the answers you need. We operate this forum on a best effort basis. Due to the sheer volume of questions and/or low quality of questions, some may remain unanswered.

How can you make it more likely to have your questions answered here?

  • If you have a problem, post the exact steps to reproduce and/or provide an automated test case
  • Describe your own understanding of the situation
  • Describe what solutions you have tried so far
  • Ask closed-ended questions. Those are much easier to answer efficiently.
  • Please do not apply pressure. It will likely only have the opposite effect.

And again, even if you follow these steps, an answer here is not guaranteed. Contact Camunda sales, consulting or Camunda partners for commercial support.