Camunda variable not set incase of error

I have the below code where some value is saved in camunda execution as a process variable input-work-request and then a service call is made. If service call is successful then I can see the process variable in camunda cockpit but if the service call fails then I can see only the process variables “employee-details”, “salary-details” but not “input-work-request”. Why?

public class StartWorkDelegate implements JavaDelegate {

    private final CreateWorkService createWorkService;

    public void execute(final DelegateExecution execution) {
        final var employeeDetails = (EmployeeDetails) execution.getVariable("employee-details");
        final var salaryDetails = (SalaryDetails) execution.getVariable("salary-details");
        final var workRequest = createWorkRequest(employeeDetails, salaryDetails);
        execution.setVariable("input-work-request", workRequest);

        final var response = createWorkService.createWork(workRequest); //this call will fail. then "input-work-request" is not available in camunda cockpit
        execution.setVariable("response-id", response.getId());

When the service call is made using createWorkService then an error is generated. Camunda retries the code for 2 more times and then displays the error in camunda cockpit. But when the incident is generated in camunda cockpit then the process variable “input-work-request” is not available.

If I comment out the service call i.e there is no error then the process variable is displayed in the camunda cockpit. How do I make sure that “input-work-request” camunda variable is available in cockpit incase the service call fails?

Hi @firstpostcommenter,

the incident appears after a rollback to the latest wait state. Everything that happend inbetween is not commited into the database.

You can read more about it here: Transactions in Processes |

Seperate it into a different task “prepare input” and call the service in the next task with async before.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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