Camunda vs Zeebe


We are thinking of migrating from Tibco BPM to an open source alternative because of performance and scalability reasons apart from the licensing cost of course.

I read about Zeebe architecture and felt that it has hit all the right spots for web scale microservices oriented workflows:

  1. its effective use of stream processing,
  2. event sourcing (avoiding rdbms bottlenecks)
  3. high performance pub sub broker (seems to be faster than kafka)
  4. Async flows

However, Zeebe is still dev preview and it does not provide the Tasklist, Cockpit, Optimize etc tools which are critical for us for manual workflows.

So we need the tooling of Calando but we need the microservices orientedness and the performance/scalability of Zeeebe.

Any thoughts/guidance on what we should go with will be highly appreciated. Is there a compromise, where we can start with Calando and migrate to Zeebe later on. Will the migration be painful or shall we start with Zeebe straightaway?


For whoever is interested, the answer can be found here:

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