Camunda web app dependency csrf issue

I had a spring boot program. I became interested in adding camunda to my project. I used camunda dependencies to do this. I added three dependencies


all three versions of which are 7.17.0 . By modifying the authentication part of my program, I can easily use the rest-api within the ui of my program. But I did not do that for wep-app and I use camunda web-app’s own login page. The login page works well on localhost, but I get a csrf 403 error when I try to use the web-app from an IP or address. Configurations about camunda.bpm.webapp can be placed in the application properties file, but I was not able to fix the problem with them (I probably got a mistake somewhere and I do not realize it myself).
Additional Note: The spring boot version of the program is 2.6.4 and the following configurations are used: