Camunda Welcome page customization in Spring Boot application

Dear Team,

I’m trying to customize Welcome and Tasklist screens with logo and text changes in spring boot application. I added the respective user-styles.css in src/main/webapp directory. Also added the webapp to source in the build path. But still when launch the camunda welcome page I still see default user-styels.css. Please suggest me if there is any way I can customize for springboot applications.

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We have the requirement to do the same. please share details if someone has customized the logo and heading in Tasklist in Spring boot app.

I am also trying to change tasklist header but no luck so far.

I tried putting changed user-styles.css at src/main/resources/static/app/tasklist/styles/user-styles.css but it is not making any difference.

While inspecting the tasklist page, Chrome debugger tool still shows old user-styles.css.

Any pointers will be helpful.

Thank you.

The path specified above didn’t work for me, but following the instructions from this example and adding it here did: