Camunda - why does generated form not appear?

I have created a form for a message start event and a user task. I can see in the generated XML something that looks like:

    <camunda:formField id="myField" label="My field" type="string" />

etc etc…

So it looks like the XML should be defining a generated form for me.

However, when I go to Camunda and try and create a task from the message start event form instead of seeing the HTML form I am expecting, I get a message saying:

This task contains an external form to complete it.  In order to open the external form click on the "Open external form" link below.

When I click on the link for the form, I get a 404 error. The link it is trying to reach is /camunda/app/tasklist/default/MyMessageFormKey. default is the name of the process-engine xml field in the processes.xml file. The directory default doesn’t exist in the path, so should this value be something else?

Is there something I need to do when creating the Maven pom file that builds the task?

Hi @johnlondon

could you provide the process xml to check what is going wrong?


Hi @dominikh, I ended up completely recreating the workflow from scratch and the problem went away. I’m guessing that there was something in my XML initially that was incorrect.

Thanks for looking,


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I guess there was a value set in your “Form Key” field in the modeler - additionally to your “Form Fields”.

At least this happened to me. If “Form Key” is filled out Camunda looks for the external form and does not generate one.