Camunda8 Self managed installation using helm charts - how to set elastic username password in operate config map dynamically

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We are using helm charts from ( to do our camunda 8 setup. We have updated the values.yaml to point to our docker images.
On execution , these helm charts creates a config map for operate with properties like camunda.operate.elasticserach and camunda.zeebe.zeebeelasticserach host and port, however it doesn’t have username and password. Is there a way , we can include the username and password for elastic search in this config map via the helm chart/values.yaml file.

Hi @ShilpaN.Chalke - all of the elasticsearch properties in the Helm charts should accept a username and password. For instance, for Zeebe exporters, you can find it under zeebe.brokers.exporters.elasticsearch.authentication (see here) and Operate is under operate.elasticsearch.username and operate.elasticsearch.password (see here)

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Thanks @nathan.loding !!!

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