Camundas Run Distribution with JMX_PROMETHEUS configuration

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We are running camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:run-7.16.0 image in our deployment. As per documentation JMX_PROMETHEUS configuration is not supported.

As we are using - -production as run option parameter, is there any way we can enable JMX_Prometheus exporter along with above - -production option?


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Hello @kunalspatil ,

I bumped up for you this this thread, as it seems someone has already encountered this issue before.

Please also check this solution, which is also described in this and this threads. Seems like those solutions should be ready to use.

If you are using docker-container edition then you might what to check this out as well.

Let me know if that was helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes we are using docker container in K8s environment. As per documentation This is only supported for wildfly and tomcat distributions.. Is there any particular reason why this is not included in Run image tag?

To enable Prometheus JMX Exporter inside the container you can set the environment variable JMX_PROMETHEUS=true on startup of the container. This will allow you to get metrics in Prometheus format at <host>:9404/metrics . For configuring exporter you need attach your configuration as a container volume at /camunda/javaagent/prometheus-jmx.yml . This is only supported for wildfly and tomcat distributions.

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please relate to the github issue that I bumped up for You, it got resolved with some assumptions :slight_smile:

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Hi @kunalspatil,

You can follow for updates on Prometheus support on Camunda Platform Run.

The ticket is about Prometheus support in the Camunda Spring Boot Starter. Since Camunda Platform Run is based on the Camunda Spring Boot Starter, this ticket covers both environments.


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