Can externally hosted forms integrate with the tasklist (other than JSF)?

We are very interested in using Camunda. I realise we could use it via the REST API to orchestrate our application flows, but I’d like to explore whether we could also integrate forms from our tech stack into Camunda such that they would be hosted in the Tasklist.

Our primary app development stack consists of ReactJs apps running on .NET Core backends, hosted on Ubuntu.

Is it possible to tell Camunda/Tasklist to load form as from an external stack like this? If so are there any examples I could look at, 1) Showing how to do it and/or 2) explaining what the Camunda framework needs in order to interact (if it’s possible I’m assuming the app would need to implement mechanisms to allow communication with Camunda.

Take a look at: Form Builder (Drag and Drop) + Form Server Validations for example of processing data from external forms.

But you would have to modify the Tasklist app for it to load forms from another source. Depending on your level of complexity, replacing the tasklist app is not overly complex. Just need to cover a few use cases.

See the link above as it goes through multiple scenarios, examples, and has diagrams and photos of working examples.

Thanks Stephen, I’ll do that.

if you can share more of your use case(s), happy to share our experiences and see what overlaps.

Thank you! I have quite a bit to get my head around, then will come back to you on that. Very new to Camunda.

If you are using shared engine deployments with the Rest API, and still trying to get started, take a look at: