Can I use Camunda to build a page navigation system

I am doing some research for my company to build a page navigation system. The system has multiple pages. User will need to navigate between pages, go to Next/Previous page or any random page. Something like Shopping Cart but with more pages. Is this doable using Camunda? Thanks!

Hi @xliu, welcome to the forums! While there are many aspects of an e-Commerce/shopping experience that could use Camunda, I don’t think Camunda would be a great fit for a page navigation system. Camunda is designed to automate processes and navigating through a page isn’t quite the same thing. It is possible I am misunderstanding the question, though … if so, share a bit more about what you’re thinking and I can try to provide a better answer!

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just like @nathan.loding said, i dont think camunda would be “The” answer but it may give you directions.

In my experience, i always tend to have some kind of BFF (backend for frontend) service who knows all the possible screens and states of the UI and translate it to the state of the process.
This way you can have many different UI/channels, with different experiences for the same process (like a mobile application with 5 screens and a webform with just one screen for the same user task.
You BFF should look for the process, see the state (current task + variables) and decide which screen it should go to, which fields should be asked for user, etc. Maybe you’ll need some sort of persistence of the values between these many screens until your bff decide it is enough to try and complete the task.

It may seem a lot of work, and its always hard to tell the value of doing this when you start, but i can say that it paid us thousand times on the long run. Having our undestanding of UX/UI separated of our business process enabled us to be omnichannel with the same process for many different channels.


Thank you both for your help! @Jean_Robert_Alves @nathan.loding

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