Can I use the type Map in element templates?

Hi all,
I wonder if I can use the type “Map” in an element template json-file to set a custom field. Is there a way to get this done?

I hoped I could solve the issue like this :slight_smile::
...{ "label": "Variables", "description": "Enter variables here", "type": "Map", "value": "{key,value}", "binding": { "type": "camunda:inputParameter", "name": "variables" },...

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I think I am a bit puzzled now. I found the answer to my question at the bpmn Forum. It looks like I have to implement a custom type by myself to be able to solve my issue.

But first, I have to consider why “element templates”- questions are handled in the bpm forum too :slight_smile:. I thought that “element templates” is a camunda-feature).

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You cannot use the Map type with element templates and we do not plan to add it any time soon.

The Camunda Modeler builds upon libraries provided by That is why it is not too surprising that people talk about that stuff over there, too.

As part of these libraries we use the camunda namespace to configure element templates.