Can we implement our custom hit policy in DMN


We have a spefic use case that we can’t implement using existing hit policy.

Can we add our custom one ? If yes, is there any documentation for that.


Hi @sfaxianovic,

Yes, it is possible to extend the DMN engine and implement your custom hit policy. Read more about it here: Embedding the DMN Engine |

But I don’t recommend implementing your own hit policy. Instead, you should try to stay with the DMN specification. You gain shared knowledge and tools that work with your DMNs.

Feel free to share your use case and why the existing hit policies don’t work for you.

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Thanks for the response, actually we have our in house decision tables,
I’m stadying how can it fit with camunda dmn
I have another question, is there any way to extends properly the class “DecisionTableEvaluationHandler”
I need to process the object matchingRules. In the hit policy handler I have no acess to the conditions.


I’m sorry but you need to look in the code yourself. The documentation describes all extension points of the DMN engine.

However, feel free to customize the DMN engine to your own needs. But be aware that you are dealing with internal APIs that may change in the (near) future.

Again, I recommend staying with the DMN standard. Maybe, we could build something around the DMN (engine) to fulfill your requirements, for example, by using a BPMN process that calls the DMN.