Can we jump into one user task to another usertask without click on complete?

In tasklist Can we jump into one user task to another usertask without click on complete button?

you would have to extend the tasklist or create your own app.

what is your use case?

Here i am entering account number and calling rest service to get the account information.
so after entering account number i want to dipsplay account information without click on complete in task list.

Are you trying to build a Form/Page Flow?

Thanks Stephen.
Can you provide me the working example?

@Swarna_Latha Can you explain if you are trying to create Page Flow? and If yes, can you explain your use case for using camunda/bpmn to do this?

I’m not sure BPMN, or chaining user-tasks, is the best solution. Are we trying to manage “page-flow” via a BPMN model?

This is like implementing a STRUTS/TILES application as a BPMN flow.

Couple of architectural complexities here:
a) preserving the user’s session while calling on service tasks - example: “Get Account Information” (above model).
b) managing state across two systems: browser (JS) and process (BPM).
c) managing container’s session resources during service execution.

I’d recommend refactoring “Get Account Information” task into a ReST service. This ReST service is then directly called from the user’s in-browser, JS, app’. This approach also provides a traditional framework for SSO/ID pass-through. The browser also has built-in async/reactive capabilities. In other words, move “get account information” into its own process model and call it via ReST. But, since “get account info” is just a task… move the logic into a JAX-RS impl.


when we click on complete in tasklist i need that information to be displayed in same usertask. i dont want to see it in next user task. is that possible?

Hi Swarna,

I think you should use Camunda REST api for completing task in first user task(“Account number Provided”) after successful reply of account information.
After competing the task will reside in second user task.