Can we provide an exponential time or expression similar to R5/PT10M for retries in camunda 8

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Hi @ShilpaN.Chalke - not for retries. If it’s a job worker, you can reset a timer when failing the job (see here); or, if it’s an outbound Connector (and the Connector supports it) you can set the retries (see here).

What’s your use case?

Hi @nathan.loding , My usecase is when there is an error in my Jobworker which does an api call (we are not using connectors) and it throws exception, as per default behavior it retries 3 times. But I want the retry to be a time cycle like retry 3 times with an interval for 5 mins (like in camudna 7) or
first 2 time retry with interval of 5 mins then next 1 retries with an interval of an hour.

@ShilpaN.Chalke - I want to make sure I understand your use case so I communicate it properly back to the product teams: You have a service task with a job worker attached. That job worker calls an API as part of it’s logic. If the API fails, you want to fail the job with an increasing retry interval. Is that correct?

For now, I would look into the retryBackoff() method, which will allow you to control when the next retry happens.

Yes @nathan.loding . Thanks