Can Zeebe DMN Worker be watching the dmn-repo folder?


I’m wondering if there is a setup for the Zeebe DMN Worker to be watching the dmn-repo folder in case new files have been added.

For now, I have to restart the worker every time a new DMN file is added to the dmn-repo to get it scanned, etc.

Any suggestions?
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Hi @Helmet ,

this should work. The worker scan the directory if it doesn’t know a requested decision.

Instead of watching the directory, it scan the directory when it processes a job and the decision is not parsed yet.

Please check if this works as expected.

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Thank you @philipp.ossler for your feedback.

I tried these use cases, and below is the outcome:

  1. Start the Zeebe DMN Worker, Upload a new file => the scan is not triggered
  2. Start the Zeebe DMN Worker, Upload an already existing file, but with a slight change in the content (like adding a new comment to the decision table) => the scan is not triggered

According to the tests I conducted, the dmn-repo directory is scanned only when the Zeebe DMN Worker starts. It is never scanned again all along the app lifecycle.

That is only partially true. Yes, the worker doesn’t scan the directory again periodically.

But it scans the directory if it should evaluate a decision that was not present when it scanned the directory the last time (i.e. on startup).

So, the worker will not see if a DMN is updated in the directory.

If you need this feature then please create a feature request in the worker repository. :+1:
I’m also happy about contributions in form of a PR :rocket: