Cannot able to download document from user forms

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This query is related to topic user task and forms.

In my user task i am using form type as embedded or external task forms -(html file). So after creation of user task I can see my form is displayed successfully in taskList.

Now coming to the problem i am facing : i have dynamic html tables that is getting generated by using angular directives. ng-repeat ( obj in arrOfObects) .This array - 'arrOfObects ', i am preparing inside . finally, last column contains download document field in which i am using cam-file-download, but after clicking my download documnent its not getting download. I can see the variable present in cockpit and there i can downlaod.

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Guys, any suggestions what went wrong here.

code snippet for the above issue…

Hi @Buddhi_Sagar_Tiwari,

web frontends are not my personal preference.

You could use the web console of your browser and compare the download link from Cockpit with the one in your Tasklist application.

Maybe you can spot the difference here?

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hi All,

any suggestion… not able to resolve the issue.

Hello my dear!

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I don’t understand much about the front end, but here we go…

When you click to download, have you already checked the browser console? Click on F12 and check the console tab to understand if there is an error during the procedure, maybe it will help to solve it.

Another point, is the path to the file specified correctly?

Is the variable name correctly specified in the download button?

Is the file extension correct?

When you click, does an error appear directly in Camunda or in the browser console?

Sorry for so many questions but I believe they will make us arrive at the solution! count on me!

William Robert Alves