Cannot deploy a Zeebe workflow created in modeler


I’m having some troubles with deploying a workflow built using library. To be more specific Zeebe is complaining on some attributes added by - bioc:stroke="#000000" bioc:fill="#ffffff" from xmlns:bioc=“” namespace (they are added because we use custom colors in our modeler). After removing these all is fine, but I wouldn’t expect that this could cause any deployment problems. I would rather expect that these attributes should be ignored by Zeebe.
Can anyone advise? Probably there should be some way to make Zeebe ignore these attributes or prevent from adding the attributes to XML?


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I think that is a current limitation of Zeebe and related to the issue here: java.lang.ClassCastException: class ModelElementInstanceImpl cannot be cast to class BpmnModelElementInstance · Issue #4817 · camunda-cloud/zeebe · GitHub

The same question was posted also here: Cannot deploy a Zeebe workflow created in modeler - Modeler - Forum -

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Yes, I asked on both forums since the problem seems to be laying between Zeebe and :wink:

Thank you