Cannot deploy to Apache Tomcat


I have recently downloaded Camunda on my windows 10 virtual machine.
I followed the instructions in the tutorial (
Everything was working perfectly fine until I hit a roadblock.

For some reason I cannot deploy to Apache Tomcat. More specifically I cannot find the catalina.out file. The link for this step is: .

How can I solve this issue? Also is there an easier way to upload my bpmn files to cockpit apart from camunda enterprise.

Thank you

Hello @kthapa,

Is it the problem only that there is no catalina.out file or you are not able to see the deployment in the cockpit also?
Did you tried to check on http://localhost:8080/camunda/app/cockpit.

Enterprise edition has this additional feature.

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My main issue was that there was no catalina.out file, but since then I figured this problem out and was able to upload the loan-approval bpmn file to cockpit.

I bumped into another problem. When I was uploading a personal bmpn file I couldnt upload it to cockpit. I was using the same code as the one in the tutorial and just changed the names where I thought was necessary, but I could not upload it to cockpit. Would you have a possible answer for that?



It is not clear to me what is the problem. What do you mean by

Did you deploy the another war file or change the bpmn file in it?
And what kind of error was the result of that, it would be helpful to upload the log file.

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