Cannot load camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp-ee

Hello there,

I´m struggling to build a project with spring-boot-starter-webapp-ee.
When loading the maven dependency, i get following warning:
“Failed to read artifact descriptor org.camunda.bpm.webapp:camunda-webapp-webjar-ee:jar…”

Having a look at “”, it says that the artifact is located at ICM repository, but i don´t know how to access it.

Additionally, i tried to download the jar manually from mvnrepository, but get httpStatus:404, “could not not find resource”.

Can anybody help me ?


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Hi @Croburg,

The camunda-webapp-webjar-ee artifact is available only to Camunda Enterprise customers. It’s hosted on a private Camunda Maven repository. If you are a Camunda Enterprise customer, I would recommend to open a Support help request in our Jira issue tracker (see how here).