Case management in tasklist

I was wondering if there exists a plugin for Camunda tasklist, that shows case instances, their tasks and allows to trigger activation rules. I have seen a plugin for cockpit, however it wasn’t updated for several years.

Hi there - it looks like there was no answer on this one. We are also wanting to bring case management in but the default Tasklist app seems only focused on process tasks. Am I missing something? Camunda supports case management but not in the available web app?


The camunda engine supports CMMN, however as I understand, it is no longer under active development.

With regard to tasklist, you are correct that it does not directly support the case management paradigm. However, the engine’s REST API is supportive of a case management UI, hence you could build a completely standalone one. Another option is you can build the equivalent of a single page app using Angular fro example and host this as a form inside of tasklist. Thus you get the tasklist chassis as a framework, whilst having a UI more tuned to the case paradigm. An example of a proof of concept of this approach can be found here.. Basically this uses some navigation panels which are updated with available, in flight and completed actions as defined in the case model…

The trick with this is you CMMN plan needs a master usertask which hosts this ‘SPA’. Another challenge is tasklist is not tuned for realising a seemless pageflow experience where the following pages are realised by new tasks…



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