Case manager UI

Dear all,
Does the case manager UI still exists or has been deployed in the community version?
What is the best way to see tasks that are enabled, active … for each running cases?

@leetong are you expecting the cockpit view of case instances? If yes, community version of camunda doesn’t support case instances view, either you can download enterprise version of camunda free trial or purchase it, in order to view case instances.

@aravindhrs, i would say that cockpit is more for admin or advanced user. If a case embedded some ad hoc tasks, how a “simple” user can run one of them?

@leetong you can access it via either rest api or java api

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Tasklist will show all tasks across both standards - So you’ll be able to see tasks there. But Tasklist if primarily focused on BPMN not CMMN so the various states that a CMMN task can exist in are not visually displayed. Although that information is available via the REST API.

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Hi Leetong,

Here is a sample CMMN UI created by Bernd which Ive used in the past inside tasklist. You can attach it to a ‘main’ user task in your CMMN model. It works by making some ajax calls to the engine’s APIs to extract active, in progress and complete tasks.

The last time I used it something broke on later versions of the APIs, so you may need to debug and tweak the ajax code…