Categorising/labelling workflows

Is there a way to categorise or label the workflows uploaded so that they can be filtered based on the label.???

There are lots of ways :slight_smile:
What are you trying to do?
And what have you tried?

We are already uploading each bpmns at tenant level.
But inside each tenant we have multiple teams which are uploading the bpmns to camunda.

  • sales team

    1. Workflow1

    2. Workflow2

  • Marketing team

    1. Workflow1

    2. Workflow2

    3. Workflow3

we want to get the list of bpmns that are present in each team.

The approach we have tried is to create a separate custom table in camunda db which stores the teamid,team name,processdefid as columns. This way we are mapping the bpmns uploaded to teams.

Is there any inbuilt way supported by camunda.

You could use the version tag.
That will let you label your deployments any way you like and be able to query for them with that parameter.