Change DMN rule in production by business users

Hi All,

We are thinking of using the Camunda application for business users so that they can change the DMN rule on their own.

can this be achieved in production ?


Hi Ganesh,

This is an interesting use case and there are different options.
Can you please help me to understand your use case better?

  • Are you trying to make fundamental changes to the structure of the decision model, i.e., by adding and removing inputs, rules, and decisions?
  • Are these changes specific for one instance, or should they be permanent?

If you only consider small variation, it may be enough to parameterize your decision. For example, the following decision table produces the output “I’m fine” when the temperature is below 30; otherwise, it produces “It’s too hot”.

Instead of hard-coding the 30, you can use an additional variable. Now your business users can affect the behavior by setting the variable “personalComfortZone”.

However, here you cannot change the inputs or the number of rules.
Fundamental changes are possible, if you allow your users to create a new DMN model. Then you can deploy it at run-time as a new version and your process will use it henceforth.

There are even more options, such as determining the model via a variable, and it all depends on your use case.


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Hi @Ganesh1,

Cockpit in the Enterprise Edition of Camunda 7 offers Live Editing: Live Editing of DMN Decisions |

Hope this helps, Ingo

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