Change sequence of task

Hi All,

Is there an API method to change the sequence of the workflow?

For example ,
If my process definition is - A=> B =>C
I want to change it to A=>C=>B

Is there a way I can do this through the API?

You can deploy a new version of the process model and migrate any running instances to it.

The requirement is actually not to edit the process definition from the modeler but to make changes to the process definition from our web application itself.

Example we have a tasks tray similar to the one used in JIRA.

This is divided into 3 sections In progress, Testing and Done.

Currently the flow is In progress => Testing => Done

Say we need to change from In progress => Done => Testing

We do not want to this change this flow from the modeler .

We want to be able to do this from the web site it self .

That is why I want to know if there is an API method that I can use to change the sequence of tasks.

You can do both of the steps I mentioned programmatically, checkout RepositoryService#createDeployment in combination with the BPMN model API and RuntimeService#newMigration. It will require some effort to build this functionality, though. There is not out-of-the-box solution.

Thanks Throben