Chapter: Antwerp. Camunda in an agile context

We are excited to welcome back the Camunda Chapter: Antwerp, with Nico Van de Zande and @vanrogu as chapter leaders. They will be hosting an in-person event in Antwerp, Belgium on February 16, 2023.

Camunda keeps up with the ever-changing IT world by managing changes and providing answers. They will use COVID-19 Contact Tracing in Belgium as an example of this, discussing DMN for business rules, architecture, C8, and more!

:calendar: February 16, 2023
:round_pushpin: In person, Antwerp Belgium
:speech_balloon: Language: English
:ticket: Sign up here

:eyes: Tagging some community members in the region: @sebakerckhof @airwolf @Rhermans @MichaelArnauts @segersb @rvervaek

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