Check-key restful request with multiple engines when viewing history of a process

Hi there ,

I am running enterprise version 7.14.0-ee using springboot , two engines , say e1 and e2 in two JVMs , engines are running on top of 2 seperate DBs/schemas . I can see engine ‘e1’ and ‘e2’ from dropdown at upper right corner of cockpit . The webapp is running in another jvm (3rd) pointing to 2 DBs/schemas using 2 datasources.
When I login to any one of the engines , cockpit > Processes > click the “History view” of an item, it will then show a page saying " License required" which I already entered in both engines from admin UI.

it seems that the request from the browser to backend restful endpoint is something like :


which is interpreted to get license from engine ‘default’ and this ‘default’ come from @PathParam specified in

as hardcoded value ?

just wondering if I missed any configuration ? or should I always have a ‘default’ engine ? (what about another engine?) or , is this a bug (that has been fixed in latest version)?

Thanks a lot