Clarification of Docs: Call Activity: Combination with Input/Output parameters

Looking at: Call Activity |

What is the use case where someone would want to use the Local=true scenario so the In/Out mapping comes rom the Input/Output rather than the Source Mapping Targets?

The docs are not clear on what is the actual use case. The docs only say

allows for an even more flexible mapping of variables into the called process.

and does not explain why and under what scenario it makes sense to use the Input/Output mapping and what the actual flexibility that is provides over the Source/Target Mapping.

Anyone able to clarify?


It’s pretty useful in a scenario where a Call Activity is also a parallel Multi-Instance.

It’s possible in this case for each iteration to have it’s own “local” variable which would differentiate it from the other multiple instances.
If you wanted to pass in that local variable to the call activity for each iteration then you could use the local tick box.

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In the output mapping you could add the local variable to a list that is stored in another process variable.

Cheers, Ingo