Clarify what "deletion precedes update" means

At , it has the following initial text:

"Performs a transition from ENABLED state to ACTIVE

state. In relation to the state transition, it is possible to update or
delete case instance variables (please note: deletion precedes update)."

Concerning, the “note”, I have a feeling what this is saying is that when the information is processed, it will essentially process the “deletions” list before it processes the “variables” list. I think it’s possible someone might interpret this as saying that in the request Json, the “deletions” list should precede the “variables” list. Assuming the former interpretation is the correct one, it would be good if this was rephrased slightly to make it clear what this is trying to say.

Note that the same statement is in the doc page for several other operations in this category.

Hi David,

Your understanding is correct, the deletions are applied first, and the updates second. Again, feel free to submit a pull request to the docs.