Class Not able to load in spring-boot

Running a process where an inclusive gateway evaluates conditions and decide the flow but everytime when it reaches the service task the delegater throws the exception saying
org.camunda.bpm.engine.ClassLoadingException: ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class

Can anyone tell why it is not able to load class resulting in class not found exception?


How did you connect your service to the task? In spring boot, you should use “delegateExpression” with the JavaDelegates bean name, for eample ${myServiceDelegate}. Did you do that? Sounds like you are using the “Java Class” type, in which case you have to pass the FQN of your class … and won’t get spring injection.

Thanks for the reply. Inclusive gateway forks uses delegate expression which is evaluated and accordingly service tasks will be called where the delegater is throwing not able to load exception. Attaching the modeler. image

@ravii ${VoiceServices} is process variable or spring bean?

If it’s a spring bean, it should be like:

<userTask id="userTask">
        <!-- task listener which calls a method of a bean with current task as parameter -->
        <camunda:taskListener event="complete" expression="${myBean.taskDone(task)}" />


There is a business service task just before the inclusive gateway which queries a DMN table and creates process variables like below in java code. so these are variables and these variables are being evaluated in inclusive gateway using ${VoiceServices==true}

execution.setVariable(“DataServices”, true);
execution.setVariable(“VoiceServices”, false);