Class not found error for a Heterogenous Architecture

Issue Description

Camunda process engine execution is throwing class not found exception while trying to execute the Java delegate routine defined as a part of service task in a heterogeneous deployment involving two applications attached to two dedicated process engines deployed in two different Wildfly instances. Both the process application are deployed with propoerty Deployment process Aware=true

Setup detail:

  • I am having 2 spring-boot applications (A & B) with an embedded Camunda engine with a shared database (Heterogeneous Deployment).
  • My BPM process workflow is associated with springboot process application A associated with process engine A
  • Application B consists of Camunda Task Management application running on process engine B
  • Both the process engines (A and B) are running on 2 different wildfly instances

That seems to suggest that you’re running a spring boot project on a wildfly application server - is that true?

What version of the engine are you using?

My Application A is a springboot (Camunda 7.13) project running on wildfly, where as project B is a spring project (Camunda 7.12)running on wildfly.

This settup is going to cause you problems - Why are you using wildfly at all? Why not just run it as a stand alone spring boot application?

By doing this you’ve got camunda running on tomcat (inside spring boot) which for some reason is also deployed to Wildfly when there isn’t a need.